Living healthy is not living without symptom but it is more than that!!!!

Naturopathy is “drugless” and tends to be holistic. According to Naturopathy accumulation of toxins (morbid matter) is the root cause of all diseases and eliminating them from the body is route to health. There is no role of medicine in nature cure system, according to naturopathy ‘FOOD IS MEDICINE’

By detoxifying our entire body & mind we can be free from all type of mental and physical illness caused due to toxic accumulation, we provide naturopathy& yogic treatments which plays major role to detoxify our body by using various types of natural elements.

By using protocols that minimize the risk of harm, naturopathic physicians help facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health by helping to create a healing internal and external environment.”

Naturopathic treatments are based on five great elements of nature that have healing powers. The five great elements of Nature and the treatments are based on..

  1. Earth  – Mud therapy
  2. Water – Hydrotherapy
  3. Fire – Sun bath, Sauna bath
  4. Air – Breathing exercise, outdoor walking
  5. Ether – Fasting therapy

Mud Therapy:

Earth is one of the five remedies in nature cure and has vital role in Naturopathy . Mud has remarkable property of holding moisture for a long time, which has cooling effect on the part of the body it applied. Mud therapy helps to improve the circulation, digestive activity, sin condition etc., it also relieves inflammation, swellings and reduces pain.

Hydro Therapy:

Hydrotherapy is a major part of medicine in nature cure that involves the use of water for various illnesses. Treatment in hydrotherapy includes tub baths, wet

Packs, douches, compress and steam which helps to increase the elimination of toxins from the body.

Hydrotherapy also helps to increase the digestion, improving the skin and muscle tone and increases the circulation all over the body.

Air Therapy:

Air is one of the most essential elements for the survival of all living beings. One can survive without food and water but it is impossible to survive without air for a minute or two. The cool breeze of early morning being fresh, pure and rich in oxygen fills the mind with cheer. Oxygen helps to increase the body resistance and body becomes strong and attractive.

Fire – Sunbath and Sauna Bath

Sunlight has a beneficial effect on skin disorders and penetrates deep in to the skin to cleanse blood and blood vessels. Sunbath lowers the cholesterol and it increases oxygen content in the blood. Sauna bath relieves the stress, relaxes the muscle and soothes the pain in both muscle and joints. It flushes out the toxins from the body, cleanses the skin and induces deeper sleep.

Ether: Fasting Therapy

It is one of the most effective treatments covering wide range of Disorders. It diverts conserved energy towards the elimination process. Fasting therapy involves consumption of juice of raw fruits or vegetables.

Benefits of Fasting:

Purification, Rejuvenation, Revitalization, Rest for digestive organs, Clearer skin, Improved senses, vision, hearing, taste, Reduction of allergies, Weight loss, Drug detoxification, Spiritual awareness, More energy, Better sleep, More relaxation, Better attitude, Inspiration, Creativity, Change of habits, Diet changes.

Other Therapies:

Massage Therapy:

It is systemic manual application of pressure and movement of soft tissues. Massaging the skin opens the pores and helps in removal of toxic matter from the body through sweat.  Massage will help to remove the tension, stress, pain and increase the circulation to the body.

Diet Therapy:

In naturopathy diet is the internal medicine. Vegetarian diet is recommended in Naturopathy because it is easily digestible and contains less fat, sugar and calories. Diets for gaining or losing weight are based on the amount of calories taken into the body in the form of food, and the amount of calories used up in the activity.


In Physiotherapy, health problems like Paralysis, back pain, and all joint disorders are treated by undertaking exercises to specific group of muscles and strengthening them. All the mechanical injuries are treated in physiotherapy without using any drugs.

Magneto Therapy:

This is the treatment of diseases with the healing powers of magnets, It is a totally non-invasive therapy where no medications or radiations are involved and no side effects are seen.

Magnetic products include magnetic bracelets and jewelry; magnetic straps for wrists, ankles, knees, and the back; shoe insoles; mattresses; magnetic blankets (blankets with magnets woven into the material) and water that has been “magnetized”.


Acupuncture is a technique of inserting and manipulating needles into points on the body with the aim of relieving pain and for therapeutic purposes.

Acupressure & Reflexology:

By stimulating the acupressure points present in palms, soles & all over the body, we can increase the blood circulation, as well as we can improve the nervous system functions in the body. Reflexology is the practice of massaging, squeezing, or pushing on parts of the feet, or sometimes the hands and ears with the goal of encouraging a beneficial effect on other parts of the body, or to improve general health.


Yoga believes in the principle that, every human being consists of Prakriti and PurushaPrakriti includes a person’s body, mind and ego (conscious self); Purusha is pure, empty consciousness of the soul.

Practicing yoga early in the morning will keep our mind and body fresh, helps you to relax the muscles, increasing the tonicity and finally helps to lubricate the joints, ligaments and tendons.